Amazon FBA Consulting For Dummies

After my first foray into selling products on Amazon (via their FBA program) I decided I need to hire an Amazon FBA consultant to help.

I’m Clueless

amazon fba consulting
I’m clueless on how to rank a product on Amazon

I realized I am clueless on how to get my products to rank high enough in the their search results in order to generate enough sales to make this side venture profitable enough to spend my time on it.  I wrote a little about it in a previous article HERE.

Refresher Course

I wrote about Amazon FBA in a previous article.  This is where you send your inventory in to one of their warehouses and let them ship the product to the customer.

This way you don’t have to spend the time packaging, labeling, and doing all of the other stuff to get the product shipped, track your customers, track your sales, handle the occasional return, unhappy customer etc.   There’s a lot to it and I realized that with all that I have going on that there is no way for me to deal with it.

Anyone Out There?

The funny thing is this.  With as big as a company that is you’d think it would be easy to find someone – anyone – that is offering this service.

Sure – there are plenty of people and companies offering courses on how to do it yourself and some of these programs cost thousands of dollars.  What I never counted on is how much time it takes to actually do all of the steps necessary in order to create a successful business in this realm.

I Found Someone To Help

After a bit of searching, telephone calls, and other research, I found a company that I think can help me.

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or product distributor, etc. and are looking for someone to help you set up and handle a potentially very profitable (and pretty much hands free) internet retail sales channel I recommend you check out Mad Progress Marketing’s Amazon FBA Consulting Program.

These guys are definitely worth listening to.  There’s no question they know what they are talking about, and while in my case the amount of inventory I am currently handling doesn’t really qualify me to be a client of theirs right now I learned a lot just by watching their videos and reading their stuff.

All The Best,

Jonathan L.

Big Moves Are Back In The Cryptocurrency Markets

Here it is May 2015 and after an incredibly frustrating pattern (on most coins) for many months of either nothing but down, down, down, or sideways action we finally are starting to see some massive upwards gains in many coins.

Bitcoin has not done much lately, but it does seem to be making a solid bottoming pattern in the $230.00 area.

Dogecoin has advanced from around $90 per million coins all the way up to the $135 per million coins area, and just recently Litecoin has advanced off a $1.40 bottom up to $1.80 (per coin).  These are sizable advances, and many other coins (such as Blackcoin) have done even better recently.

For alt coin traders now is the time to stay sharp and stay focused.


Cryptocurrency Trading Tips and Advice

I figured it was time to give some cryptocurrency trading advice and provide some tips regarding what I have learned along the way these past few months.

What I Have Learned Trading Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency trading tips imageHaving day traded stocks and even commodities in the past it seems only reasonable that I would also be intrigued by the cryptocurrency markets.

My experience tends to the “chart patterns” area along with several other market indicators such as Stochastics, trend lines, candlesticks, Fibonacci stuff, etc. and what I have found is that all of these things make great tools if your chosen market has enough “liquidity”.

I have yet to find a tool that can reliably indicate trends if the market only has a few trades per day.  In cryptocurrencies it doesn’t really matter if the total “dollar” volume is low, what matters is how many trades per day are being made.

Liquid Markets

You might have a cryptocurrency coin such as HTML5 that only has a total “dollar” volume of a few hundred dollars per day at times (at Bleutrade), but the total amount of trades and the “volume” of trades being made in Dogecoin for HTML (and vice versa) for instance can number in the millions of Doge per day.

In situations like this one can use certain tools and their chart reading experience to gain an edge in the market.

Trading Tips

  • Don’t trade with more money that you can afford to lose.
  • If you have a 100% gain then sell half of your position and “free ride” the rest.
  • If you are down 33% in your position (from where you started) sell the whole lot of it and wait for the next good entry signal.
  • If you wake up and find that your are up 10x (1000%) immediately sell half or more.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there is a guaranteed 1000% more to come.  Sometimes there is, but most times there is not.
  • Don’t ever “average down” in your position. Always “average up”.
  • The trend is your friend if you always add to your position as the market is going up – it is not your friend if you are adding to your position as the market is going down and hoping the trend changes.

So those are my basic tips for trading in the cryptocurrency markets.  I have found that I like trading at Bleutrade even though many of the markets are illiquid (not much trading going on in certain coins), but the action is increasing.

Other exchanges such as Cryptsy and Bittrex have a lot more volume and I trade on those exchanges as well.

Trading Videos

I’m adding a couple of my friend Jack’s videos below if you are interested in learning more about what Bleutrade has to offer.  Jack has also published some cryptocurrency trading advice over on the site.

Beginners Start Here

And below is some basic “how to trade” advice if you are just getting started.

I plan on adding to these “trading tips” as time goes on.  There is sure to be plenty of surprises and new developments in these new and growing markets.

– J. Luckton

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

A short time ago I wrote an article about the best places to trade cryptocurrency – read it HERE – and in this article I figured I’d elaborate on my trading experience over on

Bleutrade Review

bleutrade imageI’ve been trading crypto for several months now and have opened and closed several accounts at several different exchanges in that time period.  I even got caught up in the Cryptorush debacle a few months back.  (Cryptorush is back online now with new owners).

While Bleutrade hasn’t been around all that long I have to say that I am enjoying the experience.

I have been with them long enough (a few months now) to say that I was there pretty much in the beginning.

I’m not even sure how I found out about them, but when I started trading there they didn’t have much volume in any of the coins listed.

As a matter of fact it was a rare day back then where the entire exchange did even a whole BTC (Bitcoin) worth of trading in a day – counting all of the volume of all of the coins there!

Update November 2014 (+more below)

I’m a bit older, I don’t do the whole Twitter and social media thing, but I know a guy who is very active in the Cryptocurrency markets (his name is Jack Folsgood, he works with among others) and he just allowed me to publish his own Bleutrade review video and I figured it would make a nice addition to this post of mine.

Check it out just below. (my original review continues below)


Bleutrade Is Growing

These days (late August 2014) the volume on the exchange is frequently up to several BTC worth of coins and you can often find some great arbitrage opportunities – even within the exchange itself.

I just took a quick look at their front page and at the bottom it  states that they have over 4000 accounts now.  That’s pretty tiny compared to the more established cryptocurrency exchanges, but you have to start somewhere right?

Infinite Trading Pairs?

One of the nicest (craziest?) things about this exchange is that you can find a market (or make your own) for any two alt coins on the exchange!  Check out the coins that are trading on Bleutrade right now. (August 2014) 

bleutrade cryptocurrency trading pairs image
On Bleutrade you can trade any one coin for another – if the market for your trading pair doesn’t exist you can create it yourself!

Most every other exchange you can only trade your favorite coins for Bitcoin, or Litecoin, but at Bleutrade you can trade Dogecoin for any other coin, or even more obscure coins – one for the other – such as SonicScrewdriver for Nautilus coin, or Guldencoin for Reddcoin, or Trollcoin for HTML coin.  It’s absolutely amazing!

Bleutrade Is The Place To Be

Now I’m not saying that this is the only exchange you should use – there’s not enough buying volume (at this point)  if you want to sell 20 million Doge for a good price (for instance), but the interface is the most intuitive to use that I have seen.

It is also real easy to see your recent trade activity for any given coin right on the trade page, and the troll box where people comment about what’s going on is not very trollish at all.  (have you read the trollbox on C-cex, or Poloniex lately?  Sheesh!)

Bleutrade Review Video

Two Thumbs Up For Bleutrade

I give my wholehearted recommendation for those who are wondering whether or not Bleutrade is a good exchange.  I plan on trading there for a long, long time.  Click Here To Get Signed Up At Bleutrade – It’ll take you all of 2 minutes – No personal info needed other than an email address.

Great Owner Involvement

The owners are very active and respond to support questions often in real time right in the trollbox, they take care of any problems seemingly immediately, and they have great a great attitude about long term growth with many new additions and development on the way.

How To Get Started With Bleutrade

I’ve made it real easy for you to see what’s going on over at Bleutrade by putting a couple of banners on this page. (they have a great affiliate program)

If you make an account after clicking on any of the Bleutrade banners or links on this page you’ll be awarded with some free coins (of some sort) in your account as a bonus, or count them as something work with if you are just getting started trading cryptocurrency.

Good Luck Out There.

Any questions?  Feel free to email me using my Contact Page.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Best Places To Trade Cryptocurrencies

My friend Jack has been talking to me recently about some of the problems that cryptocurrency exchanges have.  If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is all about check out this wikipedia article on the subjet.

bleutrade imageCryptocurrency Exchanges

Anyway… there are many, many places to trade or exchange your alt coins (cryptocurrencies) from one kind to another and even into dollars, yuan, etc.    See this cryptocurrency exchanges list.

Are Alt Coins Backed By Anything?

Even though some people say that there is nothing backing these “cryptos” with anything, the truth is that there is something, and that something is people.  If one person values one thing over another, whether it be selling their car for money, or buying a house for money, then there is value in the exchange.

What these cryptocurrency exchanges do is provide the means for people to trade what they don’t want for something they do want.

Problems With Exchanges

One of the biggest “hacks” (robbery) happened with the first and biggest exchange by the name of Mt. Gox.  You can look it up.  People lost a lot of Bitcoins in that one.

You see… these exchanges are much like banks in the way they store and keep track of individual user’s accounts.  If they get compromised –  and they sometimes do – people can lose a lot of their crypto.  Ouch.

Many folks stay away from opening an account of this nature because of this problem.  It pays to be aware of the potential if you are thinking about opening an account.

What Alt Coins Are Good To Trade?

My friend Jack (mentioned above) recently turned me on to opening an account at after reading his article about an alt coin by the name of HTML Coin.  While this is a relatively unknown coin it sure looks to have potential.

I wrote about some other coins that lots of people are using.  You can read my article about Dogecoin by clicking Here.

My Favorite Cryptocurrency Exchange

I really like trading over on Bleutrade I even wrote a review about the site.  (thus the promotional banners on this site – they have an excellent affiliate program – you just need to sign up and you’ll have access to it so you can refer your friends and associates.  When they sign up using your affiliate link and then start trading you’ll get a “cut” or percentage of the fees generated – it’s awesome!)

While Bleutrade is not the only exchange I use it is my favorite for ease of use and the ability to trade all kinds of coins one for the other.  I recommend you check them out and see if you agree.  They don’t have a ton of action yet, but they are growing fast and the community there is great.

Good Luck Out There,

Jonathan L.

Cryptocurrencies Like Dogecoin Gaining Acceptance

I’ve been looking into and messing around a bit with cryptocurrencies lately.  Most everyone has heard of Bitcoin by now, and who hasn’t seen that Litecoin went up something like 30,000 % in 2013?

dogecoin gambling imageHave You Heard Of Dogecoin?

What started out as something of a joke, Dogecoin has turned into one of the most popular and most used crypto currencies online.  It has a huge community of users on Reddit as well as an ever growing number of groups and members communicating about all things crypto on Facebook.

What About Crypto Gambling?

Now I – like a lot of folks, like to visit a regular casino from time to time, so after getting into Dogecoin (it’s cheap as of this writing – you can get 1000 dogecoin for less than $2.00) I wondered if there where any crypto currency casinos yet.

It turns out there are quite a few – just do a search online.  Many of these “cryptocurrency casinos” only accept Bitcoins as of this writing, but time will soon bear out that most of them will be accepting Litecoin as well as Dogecoin (and likely many others).

Where To Gamble With Dogecoin?

When any new thing rises up and becomes popular there are sure to be many people building other businesses around it.  It’s the natural order of things I guess.

I found a good resource/website that is starting to list all of the places – casinos – where you can place bets with your cryptocurrencies.  Take a look at My money is on this site becoming on one of the “go to places” for resources and links to all things crypto currency casinos and gambling.

Good Luck Out There,


I Like Art – Artists I Respect

I have been perusing different artist’s websites lately – seeing what they do – seeing if they have any clue about how to market online, and predictable (I suppose) most of them have no clue about how to market themselves online.

michael talo art, carving
Have you ever seen an eagle carving made out of a moose antler? Me either, this Mike Talo guy is good!

Good Artists

There are of course some pretty good artists who have hired someone to work on the promotion of their artistic talents such as what you can find on  (that guy is well rounded – does lots of stuff – I may even contact him to do some work for me)

The Point

I guess the point of this article is to point out that there are lots and lots of people in business (such as artists) who are really struggling to grow their internet presence – and that means that there is lots of room for people like me (and maybe you) to help them promote themselves and their art.

Maybe all it takes is a phone call.  If only I can find that number…

Good Luck Out There,

Jonathan Luckton

Selling Actual Products On Amazon

For all of the loyal readers of this blog who are wondering where I’ve been for the last several months I figured a report was in order.

Using Amazon FBA To Sell Actual Physical Products

I got involved with sourcing product and sending it in to Amazon.  They have a program called FBA.  This is where you send in your own product(s) and they put it in their warehouse(s).

This product (my products) are then available for people to purchase on Amazon and then be shipped by Amazon.

I have had some early success and the future looks promising.  All of this is not to say that I have abandoned my earlier affiliate marketing research and pursuits.  It’s more of an additional thing that I’m doing.

Stay tuned.  I’ll try and update this blog every month or so.


Here it is in late 2015 and I decided that I need more help if I am going to make this a worthwhile venture.  I looked into hiring an Amazon FBA Consultant and wrote a little bit about it.

Good Luck out there.

While you are at it – check out This is another guy that sells actual physical products and only makes the transactions on Amazon.  Interesting.

J. Luckton

Health Product Reviews – What I’ve Learned

So I’ve been doing a lot of studying on how to go about selling health products online.  I talked about it a little bit in this post a while back.

Doing Health Product Reviews

What I have found so far is quite interesting. 

  1. It is very difficult for a brand new online business person to crack into the health product market.  (mostly I am sure for lack of experience)
  2. Some people have figured out how to do it, but aren’t saying much.
  3. It is very, very lucrative if you find a way.

Cross Selling

One of the the guys I came across has an interesting way of “cross selling” into the market.  As far as I can tell what he’s doing is finding “easy to rank for” products – usually new health products, new brands, etc. that don’t have a lot of promotion behind them (yet) and doing a health product review about them.

Sometimes he’ll even actually try the product himself and give his positive or negative report about it, but oftentimes all he does is check out the claims the company makes and report on whether they are being truthful or not.

Male Enhancement Products

Much of what he does product reviews on is many of the male enhancement products out there – it seems that many of them are promoting their wares in a “not so honest way”.  Check out Victor Mayfield’s Max Pene review  for instance, or another review he did about a product called Rexbull that has dozens of negative comments.

It seems that many of these companies have no shame at all to tell a bold faced lie.

I’m glad I came across Victor’s work and I am going to see if I can emulate him on my own website(s).

Wish me luck.






Social Media Confuses Me

I don’t get this whole social media thing.  Not to admit that I am a dummy, but it seems that Jack Folsgood with his recent #instagramfail post has a whole lot better grip on it than me.

You can read Jack’s blog at

What’s Instagram?

First of all… I HAD heard of instagram before – somewhere in the news – but I had not idea that they had so many users until I read that FAceBook bought them out recently – FOR A BILLION DOLLARS!!!

Holy Crap!

Somebody who was smart saw potential somewhere – but it seems that they had it all wrong. 

I’m not sure how all of this is going to shake out, and according to Jack’s site, Facebook has already announced some sort of clarification – but I read it and it didn’t really clarify anything to me.  But I am just a noob at all of this.  Go figure.

Wish Me Luck,


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